Pack Mentality Teaser

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Silvia was many things, patient was not one of them.

“I told you to sit down!” Silvia growled and Jezebel smirked.

The two women faced off in the kitchen, a mess of broken porcelain and tea staining the tiles between them.

“And I told you, I can clean up this mess.” Jezebel bent down but Silvia reached out and gripped her hand halting her movements once again.

“Jezebel — ”

Jezebel frowned. “I told you to call me Jazz.”

Silvia ignored her. “I broke it so please let me clean up this mess.”

Jezebel gave an exasperated sigh. “It’s really no problem.”

“Please, just go sit down in the living room and enjoy your tea. I’ll make another one and meet you in there.”

Jezebel threw up her hands disentangling Silvia’s light grip. “Dogs are impossible!”

Silvia frowned.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that grumpy pants. Not even Gwen is this aggravating. It must be a dog demon things. Wolves are a lot less — ”

“What?” Silvia growled towering over Jezebel. “Go on, say it. I dare you.”

Jezebel met her gaze, a spark of challenge in her eyes along with something sharper, warmer, dangerous. “Uxorious,” Jezebel whispered. Silvia had stepped into her space. They breathed the same heated air as Silvia’s eyes glinted in the bad lighting of the kitchen.

“Kitty cat, are you looking for a fight?” Silvia said softly, her gaze never wavering from the plump scarlet lips tempting her as much as they grated on her nerves.

“Is the big bad dog going to do something about it?” They both spoke softly as if the moment called for it, the tension in the air between them sparked and tingled.

Silvia growled smashing her lips to Jezebel’s. Jezebel released a wanton moan and molded her body to her’s. Their tongues tangled, teeth nipped, breath mingled. Silvia hoisted Jezebel up onto the counter.

“I’m going to fuck you until you break,” Silvia snarled nipping harshly at Jezebel’s neck.

“You fucking better!” Jezebel pulled her up to lock lips once again while wrapping her legs around her.




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