Descent ch 6

Chapter 6 We Speak, No, We Banter

Idella Breen
7 min readJun 2, 2019


After everyone was given their tea the three of them retreated to the living room, Weiz and Mercer claimed the couch while Mircalla sat in the lazy-boy adjacent from them. The twins were talking about Mercer’s recent hunt and laughing when Weiz started thinking about how to remind Mercer that they still needed to invite Mircalla to dinner in a few hours. Even as she completed the thought she was shocked to hear Mercer cut off mid-sentence and gasp.

“Oh Mircalla, I almost forgot. Weiz’s family invited us to dinner tonight. We were all hoping you would come along.” Mircalla paused for a moment, slightly jarred from the abrupt change in topics literally mid-sentence.

She also couldn’t help notice the shocked expression Weiz was trying desperately to hide. She would have to observe the vampire more closely. Something strange was going on between the two of them. It probably had more to do with the mate business and until she was sure that her sister was safe and happy as was her duty as the eldest, she wasn’t going to be completely okay with this whole situation.

Mircalla smiled at Mercer who was still awaiting her response and nodded. “I’d be delighted.”

Mercer grinned and turned to Weiz. The woman couldn’t help but respond with a small smile as if the very fact that Mercer smiled at her was all the reason to smile in return.

“Isn’t this great Weiz? Our families will get to meet each other, like all at once!” Weiz nodded but couldn’t help the slight feeling of trepidation that was filling her gut. She just hoped dinner went well.

“It will be fine Weiz. Everyone is going to like each other. I just know it! I feel it in my bones!”

Weiz felt her lips twitch but suddenly stopped. Had she mentioned that out loud? She was sure she had just thought those things to herself. Weiz’s face fell into a frown as she studied Mercer as the girl gushed to her twin about Weiz’s parents. Mercer? She thought in her head, then immediately felt stupid. Shaking her head she tried to tune back into the conversation and managed to catch the tail end of Mercer recounting how she had sliced a creep rank dark race in two before three others managed to get a grip on her and one even bit her arm. She held up the arm that had their hands joined and pulled back her sleeve to show off the crescent-shaped wound that was still in the process of healing.

Weiz’s eyes zeroed in on the wound and suddenly the noise in the room seemed to tune out as she stared at the wound. Her heart began to thump loudly in her ears and the cold hand of fear gripped her heart as it beat wildly in her chest. Her eyes dilated as the iris consumed the blue turning is nearly completely black as she gripped Mercer’s arm tightly but not painfully. Mercer paused in her recounting of her tale at the shock that traveled along her skin when Weiz’s grabbed her but paused when she saw the way the woman was gazing at her wound.

It wasn’t bleeding any more. It had already begun to heal after the shower she had earlier. Mercer was human and as such, she had to heal the good old fashion way. Time and patience. The wound was only one of many that littered her body as scars and stories of her adventures. At first, it had bothered her. Only a little, but when she was younger she had been slightly vain. She wanted to be beautiful. That flew out the window after her first botched mission where she lost her first teammate and nearly had her kidney carved out of her side with blunt nails. That one still haunted her nights sometimes.

The way Weiz was looking at her wound was in a strange hypnotized gaze of both regret and determination. It wasn’t the hungry look she had received the night before but it still carried the same unhesitant intensity that the girl always seemed to save just for her.

“Weiz?” She mumbled as the vampire drew her arm towards her mouth. Suddenly, her nail tore off the scabbed skin and Mercer only had a second to gasp before a hot slick tongue was lapping at the wound. Mercer tensed as a burning heat filled her body stemming from the wound and seemed to travel throughout her veins before settling in her chest, swirling warmly. Mercer groaned as her pulse throbbed and Weiz answered it with a soft caress of her tongue on the burning wound.

Mercer tried not to squirm but whatever the vampire was doing was both painful and pleasurable enough that her body wasn’t entirely sure how to respond. Whether she wanted to jerk away or grab the woman and kiss her senseless she wasn’t sure and before she could make a decision Weiz was back to normal. Her eyes once again powder blue and her brows furrowed in the permanent scowl it always seemed to fall into naturally when it wasn’t in the masked indifference.

“Sorry,” she mumbled softly, “I don’t — I had to do that. I’m sorry.”

Mercer studied her for a moment before Weiz released her arm. When she looked down she was surprised to see pale undamaged skin. Her wound was completely gone. Vanished into thin air. Zapped into the stratosphere. Her mouth hung open as she looked up to see Weiz was looking off to the side refusing to meet her gaze.

“Weiz,” the woman still refused to look at her so she brushed her lips against her cheek and Weiz snapped back, meeting her gaze. She smirked. “Thank you.” Weiz’s face remained impassive but Mercer got the distinct feeling that her mate’s heart was pounding in her chest in embarrassment. Weiz was happy and that made her happy. Plain and simple. Weiz nodded and the corners of her mouth twitched.

A light giggle broke their moment and Mercer snapped back to meet her twin’s amused eyes. “Should I give you two a moment or two?”

Mercer blushed. “Mircalla!”

“Oh, it’s fine Mercer. Don’t mind me! It’s not weird at all to which my sister make googly eyes at her girlfriend, not just my sister either, my twin sister. It’s like watching myself have eye sex with a complete stranger. Not weird at all. I hope my face doesn’t look that dopey when I flirt with people.”

Mercer suddenly grinned, “Believe me, you’re way worse than me. You don’t just look dopey, you kind of get this crazy look along with it. I’m always quick to warm your potentials about your crazy girlfriend tendencies.”

Mircalla smirked. “That was you, was it?”

Mercer matched her twin’s smirk. “What if it was?”

“Then I’m glad to know that my match was my twin and not some stranger off the street let alone in an elevator.”

Mercer’s smirk turned predatory. “Oh, you have yet to meet your match big sister. But when you do, I’m sure you two will make a very happy serial killer couple. Sharp knives and all.”

Weiz felt a cold sweat on the back of her neck as she tried to catch onto what exactly the two twins were talking about. Her instincts were telling her to get far away from them but her beast demanded that she stay close to her mate and as a result, all she could do was sit still as they volleyed what she suspected were insults back and forth, the air in the room growing tenser with each insult.

She gripped Mercer’s hand tighter and couldn’t help but feel that she was in the presence of two very dangerous predators. Weiz always prided herself on her control and restraint. Her mate was the exact opposite in that respect. Where she hedged her mate was blunt, where she didn’t reveal her mate boasted, where she frowned her mate grinned and where she held back her killing intent for certain and appropriate times her mate seemed to swing it around like a blunt object to knock out whoever was too weak to fight it off.

Mercer and her sister were going to be the death of her unless she learned how to handle both of them and she was quickly learning that there really wasn’t any handling of either sister. It seemed the only true option was to ride the wave and hope you can keep all your body parts intact. Hunters. That’s what they were. Predators, born and molded to kill creatures of the dark race.

Monsters that threatened to consume the few established cities after the Reconstruction Period. Where Weiz knew how to fight, Mercer and her sister knew how to kill. And mercilessly at that, if the stories were true. She wasn’t ashamed to say that she was developing a healthy respect for the twins and their abilities. Both on and off the field.

She just hoped she was never on the receiving end of either of their tempers as it seemed they both had one in equal proportions though she was sorry to say that Mercer seemed to have the short fuse. Weiz sighed and sat back waiting for them to both fizzle out so they could go to dinner. She just hoped they weren’t late. She was getting kind of hungry.

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